Distributed Autonomous Network of Smart Entities.
D.A.N.S.E. Tokens
D.A.N.S.E. Core Platforms
VNOC - (Virtual Network Operating Center) is the heart of a DANSE operations
and manages our DAN - Distributed Autonomous Network to utilize and
leverage our 22,000 premium URL’s in a secure, distributed DNS and hosting
infrastructure. VNOC uses a powerful yet flexible collaborative building,
managing, and monetization platform through an integrated application suite
such as Referrals, eShares, and eServices. The integration provides specific
function to the network of assets while compressing and streamlining the
processes. We can expeditiously build, manage, and monetize valuable digital
assets and align value using smart contracts with CONTRIB members and our
native currency - CTB.
eShares is a smart “asset”
Protocol and token defining
how assets and value are
created, authenticated,
valued, issued, transferred,
secured and controlled on
our blockchain network.
CTB Token is an interoperable ERC20 native
utility token of the CONTRIB network.
Members owning CTB’s tokens are able to
participate in CONTRIB opportunities and
create value in a flexible, rewarding, and
challenging environment. CTB TOKENS are
only awarded once the tasks issued are
completed, verified, and requested.
ESH token is an ERC20 utility token and
protocol that is used by ESHARES to create
and assign a dynamic value to a digital asset
in the DANSE network. eShares (ESH) exist
to create a dynamic and transparent
allocation of digital stake on any digital
asset, either on or off the blockchain.
D.A.N.S.E. Dynamic Equity Split
One key feature is the pledging of 2% to
global impact programs such as
Interoperability.org or Entrepreneurs.org.
With our layer of legal incorporation and
stabilized valuation, we make URLs the
foundation of autonomous digital entities.
URLs each register as a
Delaware Series LLC
company, allowing
them to become smart
entities able to do
business within current
legal systems.
The Team
Chad Folkening is a Lead
architect consultant for
51% of Millennials (ages 18-34) want to start a
business in next 5 years.
472,000,000 Entrepreneurs Worldwide
300,000,000 domains registered and over
80% not active or on parking pages.
40% of America’s workforce will be
Freelancers by 2020
(URL’s, Hosting, Ownership)
(rules, processes, AI-ML)
(Contributors, partners, members, systems, chains, APIs)
(AI Data, Portable, Flexible, Self Executing)
(eCorp- Series LLC, Digital Home)
Dynamic & Autonomous Growing Companies On the Blockchain
The concept of programmable money and equity together push us into a world
where unprecedented value can be created by autonomous value-creating
networks. We believe with our premium, aged and strategic virtual real estate,
VNOC -OS and CONTRIB model are the future of distributed autonomous
organizations. Our goals are fully autonomous network of smart entities by 2022.
Incorporation and Tokenization of URL Digital Assets
URLs become
Smart Entities.
URLs Fractionalized
with eShares.
The ownership of each
URL and smart entity can
be fractionalized using
eShares. URL value is then
audited and stabilized
with our insurance,iFund,
so owners have a
guaranteed value.
Contributors get
CTB Tokens.
Contributors that
increase a smart entity's
value are rewarded with
CTB tokens, which they
can convert into fiat or
use to gain ownership of
other entities.
CONTRIB is a network of talented people contributing into smart entities with
other professionals using a gamification format with a focus on building,
storing and distributing value in a measurable, collaborative and distributed
model. CONTRIB created the CTB Smart Entity Token as the contribution
token of choice in today’s decentralized digital economy, intrinsically tradeable
with eShares (ESH).
Stable Asset System -iFund
is a blockchain based
insurance system and
mechanism for digital smart
entities in the Contrib
network.. The smart
contract platform currently
backs and stabilizes entity
value of ESH through a
dynamic pledging system.
iFund is truly the first
automated insurance
system for digital assets,
onchain. 1-5% equity
rewards, $10,000 asset
value guarantee average.
Maida Barrientos is Lead
Contributor and
Operations Manager.
Computing Science,
Cornell University, Ithaca
New York, US
Kareen Castanos is Lead
Dev Stack Contributor.
University of the Philippines
graduated with honors.
Responsible for technology
stack and have been with
the company for 10 years
Ronan Lee is Lead Dev and
Blockchain Contributor.
Responsible for Blockchain
management and have been with
the company for 8 years.
Ventures Built
22K Premium Assets Managed
400K Verified Member Network
750K MONTHLY Uniques
$450K Revenues- YTD
500+ Daily Signups
10 Distributed Servers
Contact Us : 317-414-3751
Email : info@vnoc.com
Whitepaper : https://goo.gl/xn8Tm6
A smart entity starts with building programmable equity (eshares -) onchain
linked to a digital asset (URL’s). By building a swarm of Intelligent entities with a
circular designed network architecture allows DANSE members to create, store
and distribute value. We are leading the future of DAO's with tokenization +
freelance economy + Entrepreneurship + Digital URL assets to create the
DANSE. Join Us.